iHookup Monetises Local Businesses With Poynt


iHookup Social have partnered with in-app local search provider Sprylogics.

The Sprylogics-owned app Poynt will be implemented into iHookup’s app, allowing users to search for nearby events and date locations – whether restaurants, cinemas or gigs – chat about them and book, all in-app.

They give the example of an iHookup user being able to search for a place to meet their date, map it, make a reservation, find parking and share, through the app.

This also brings new revenue streams from the monetisation of local businesses.

Dean Rositano, President of iHookup Social, said: “We’re very pleased to integrate the Sprylogics SDK into our app and to further enrich the user experience.

“By adding the Sprylogics local content into the social – dating interaction experience, we will be providing what amounts to a 360 degree service for our daters, enabling them to have an easier and more specialized experience. 

“And it opens up significant new revenue possibilities through the monetization of these local businesses, sending our iHookup users to their establishments or venue.”


This monetisation is a huge draw for Poynt – and something we are bound to see more location-based dating apps try in the future.

Edinburgh-based Cupid recently partnered with Sprylogics to implement Poynt’s local search features.

Marvin Igelman, CEO of Sprylogics, said: “iHookup Social is the ideal partner for our SDK solution.

“While making new connections, dating app users exhibit a high degree of intent to embark on a number of actions that are supported by our content, therefore increasing the monetization potential behind these activities.”

Sprylogics bought the Calgary-based app Poynt in August 2013, for around $2.5m.

Poynt has also been made available for Kindle Fire tablets.

Visit their site here.

Simon Edmunds

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