Networkr Is Tinder-Esque Networking App


New app Networkr has taken Tinder’s functionality and applied it to the world of professional networking.

Using the contacts on your LinkedIn profile, Networkr lets you see potential business matches who are nearby, and decide if you want to connect with them. 

You can customise the proximity settings, and select the area of expertise you are in, as well as the areas you are interested in.

If two people decide they want to connect with each other, the app notifies one another of the match and you can either email them, or connect on LinkedIn.

Nodes, the team behind the app, is split between Denmark and London, where they will be focusing their main marketing and promotional strategies.

Networkr enters a space that apps like Let’s Lunch and Weave have tried to conquer, but neither have been wholly successful in cracking the professional networking tool, perhaps because of the difficulty in generating enough initial users to make it seem worthwhile, and keep them coming back.

Nodes are trying to raise £25,000 on Seedrs – their total currently standing at £7,400 – so they can further promote the app, and offer new features.

Download the app here.

Download the app here.