Tools for Tinder Swipes Profiles For You

tools for tinder

A new app has been released to aid Tinder users by letting you automatically like every profile, and pick up matches while your phone is in your pocket.

Tools for Tinder comes from iCM Dev Inc, and offers “advanced features” to use alongside the dating app.

Tools for Tinder, previously called Tinderoid, works by reading your discovery settings already within Tinder, to get all the results from your area.

It then loads all of the profiles onto your screen so you can view them all at once, as opposed to one by one.

From here, a user can choose whether to like selected profiles, or click the “like all” button, to select everyone.


The iOS app has a number of other modes and features to take the work out of Tindering.

Users can set their location to anywhere in the world, allowing them to find matches before they go abroad, or if they’ve run out of matches near their location and just crave more swiping.

You can also filter your results by searching for keywords, common interests or listed social media accounts.

And for the premium, paid version of Tools for Tinder, you can enable automatic mode, which likes all local profiles in your area whilst your phone is in your pocket.

Visit the app here.