SinglesAroundMe Launch Position-Shift for GPS Privacy

Singles Around Me

SinglesAroundMe has announced Position-Shift, its patent pending software which lets users change their mobile geolocation, to keep in control of their privacy.

Position-Shift lets users customise their privacy settings, whether setting their discoverable location by a certain proximity – 1m, 2m or 10m etc – or choosing which people know where they are.

The software changes a phone’s geolocation, so users on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram don’t have to reveal their exact location.

The company’s CEO, Christopher Klotz, said: “We came to realize that our invention has broad appeal across all social networks and where location is a privacy issue for people in their everyday lives. 

“People in all walks of life desire the ability to control who knows where they are and we just discovered a clever way to control this in the digital world.”

When turned on, the feature still lets the user enjoy the benefits of location services and will not disable emergency service identification.

For example, if a user took and uploaded a photo on Instagram, they could alter the exact location of where it was taken.

SinglesAroundMe have implemented Position-Shift, letting users decide whether to show, hide, and now Shift, their location.

Position-Shift will be available for Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

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