Hatch Labs Founder Releases Third App


The co-founder of Hatch Labs, the incubator that launched Tinder, has released his third mobile app.

Adam Huie founded the now defunct IAC mobile incubator, and in June last year released his own app, Let’s Date, which used a similar swiping functionality to that of Tinder.

Users of the app started noticing that their Let’s Date accounts had been switched to a new app, Sway, after receiving messages like “You have a new match waiting for you. But your admirer is using a newer app called Sway”, with a download link.

Sway is a slightly updated version of Let’s Date, with added gamification features such as pop-up alerts including: “1 of the next 5 people tapped yes on you”. 

And now it seems like Huie might be switching focus again, to a new app called Tryst.

Tryst is being released in conjunction with Sway’s partnership with Bravo’s new show Online Dating Rituals of the American Male, which premiered Sunday.

Huie sent an email to Sway users the day before, that said: “We’ve noticed you’ve been busy doing other things besides using Sway…Well, we’ve been busy too! We’ve partnered with Bravo TV and their new show ‘Online Dating Rituals of the American Male’. 

“For the show, we created a new app called TRYST, which helps you meet the right people (even more) quickly.  As an exclusive to Sway users, we are releasing the app the cast used ahead of Tonights premiere. Use this link now to download TRYST For free.”

From screenshots on iTunes, Sway and Tryst seem to have an almost identical interface and functionality, but is being promoted “As Seen On” the Bravo show.