Datelytics Is Both Event And Date Planner


DC startup Datelytics looks to connect people together by being both a matchmaker and an event planner.

The app pulls your interests from social networks, suggests fun events nearby, and matches you with people who are also attending.

Datelytics’ founder, Brandon Luong, told InTheCapital: “It’s like if Eventbrite and Groupon had a kid together that was a dating site. I call it a social dating network.”

It takes into account social media interests such as what you like on Facebook and where you have checked-in, and with this information recommends nearby events that might be of interest.

These events could be deals from Groupon or events from sites like Living Social, Eventbrite and Meetup, with a focus on “free or close to free activities”.

Although information is currently only generated from Facebook, Luong plans to add Twitter and Foursquare integration before their planned launch in June.

If you decide to attend one of these events, Datelytics will search through other attendees, and match you up with someone who fits your dating profile.

Luong also says that after the first date, they will follow up with you to see where they can improve.

He said: “It’s a different process than other apps have. It could match you with someone you share a lot interests in who might have been totally outside your circle.

“Even though one of our goals is to find users a date, our ultimate objective is to have users to get off the couch and go out for fun.”

The team plan to release for iPhone and Android around June.