Dutch App Is A Virtual Wingman Tool


Wingme is a Dutch dating app that enlists the help of your friends to find you a mate.

The Amsterdam-based startup was founded on Valentine’s Day this year, by Guido Nieuwkamp, Marten Beerda,  Anneli Rispens and Tijmen Mulder.

Like many other dating apps, after downloading Wingme, you browse through profiles by choosing to “like” or “next” singles.

However from here Wingme lets you share and discuss profile matches with your friends.

You set up a chat where you can share profiles, get feedback about your matches, and like or next singles suggested by your friends.

These wingmen don’t need to have a visible profile on the app.

Wingme’s site says they want to recreate the feeling of “sitting in a bar with friends, evaluating the crowd, but in an app. 

“You can get instant feedback from your Wingmen on any potential match, or discuss their suggestions.”

You can also hand over the responsibility of browsing and swiping to one of your friends.

Managing Partner Guido Nieuwkamp said:

“For years online dating has been a lonely and boring experience, while love, sex and relationships are the daily subject of conversations amongst friends. Wingme hopes to bridge the gap between social and dating.”

The app is currently available on iOS.

Visit the site here.