Lesbian App Dattch Launches In LA


Dattch, the UK-based app for lesbian, bisexual and queer women, has launched in LA.

The app recently expanded to the US, launching in San Francisco in March.

Dattch is exclusively for queer women, and it builds profiles using Instagram-style interest-based photos.

CEO Robyn Exton recently did a Reddit Ask Me Anything, where she explained their policy for launching in a new city.

She said: “If an area in the US has 2000 requests, we’ll open it up immediately, and along with that we’re rolling out across the country as well. 

“We’ll do the same for our next few markets too but hopefully get faster and faster over time so we can get it everywhere quickly. 

“But this is why we ask for users help as the more we know and the more people we have helping us, the faster it will roll out.”

In their last update, the London-based company changed their Would You Rather? feature, which originally let users choose between a photo of another female user, or something like an activity, object, or food.

This has been changed so you now choose between two female users, and if both pick each other, they can chat.

Users are also given three passes a day – if neither profile takes their fancy.

Dattch has been well received by the gay community, and Exton spoke about their female-orientated philosophy on Reddit.

“Tech is a very male led industry, dating is too, so men always built the products and made a whole series of assumptions based on their behaviour. 

“The products then worked well for men, men used them, and the businesses made money from them. So then they keep building features that worked well for men, its a vicious cycle. 

“It seems like at no point has anyone gone – wait a minute – what if we actually built for women?! What would that look like?! And that’s what we’re trying to do at Dattch.”

Exton told Buzzfeed they are planning to launch in New York next.

The app is available for iPhone here.

Simon Edmunds

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