Google Play Letting Users Pre-Register For Apps

Google Play

Google Play have started letting consumers pre-register for apps before they come out.

Before hotly anticipated apps and games are released, users will be able to sign up to receive alerts about when an app is released.

The Google Play Store is trialling the service with a new game, Terminator Genisys, which doesn’t have a release date yet.


When you click the pre-register button, a panel comes up saying:

“You’re about to pre-register for TERMINATOR GENISYS: REVOLUTION. Pre-registering means that you will receive a notification on your device when the app is released. You can unregister by clicking the ‘Unregister’ button.”

At the moment, it is unclear whether this will be available to all developers, or just to big-name titles and games.

If it is wide-ranging, the service could prove useful for dating apps looking to build brand momentum prior to launch, without relying on users providing their email addresses.

Simon Edmunds

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