Apps Like Credit Card Manager Final Could Pose Problems For Dating Subscriptions


A new app called Final lets you create a unique credit card number for every online purchase, so customers can manage recurring payments and fraudulent transactions.

Announced last week, the app aims be “a credit card, a mobile app, a better credit experience, a consumer advocate, and a way to protect your account from fraud, breaches, and card cancellation.”

With online purchases, it gives a unique credit card number to every merchant, or a disposable number for one-off purchases.

This means if there is a problem with the merchant, or you are a victim of fraud, rather than having to cancel all your recurring payments, the app will assign a new card number for the merchant.

You also have a physical credit card, which you can use to purchase goods in store.

Final CEO Matt Rothstein said:

“Final is what we built to take back control of our own credit cards for how and when we’re charged, instead of leaving it up to merchants. That led to merchant-specific numbers and limits, managed automatically, as well as transparency in statements. It’s our stake in the ground, a way to shift the culture in credit towards consumer friendliness.

“With us, your relationships are siloed through different numbers, so one number being compromised means you never lose every relationship. You can also cancel an individual number at your leisure.

“For some additional color, we also control the authorizations, which allows us to place intelligent restrictions on your card numbers. A number you give to Netflix cannot be used anywhere else.”

Final will also notify you of recurring monthly subscriptions coming out of your account, or any extra add-ons, allowing you to deactivate the card number associated with that merchant.

You can also limit each merchant or subscription to a monthly amount, and if they charge you more, you get a notification.

As with the recently launched Capital One wallet, the trend of sending customers push notifications to remind them about recurring payments coming out of their account could have an increasing affect on online dating subscriptions, as mobile wallets become more prevalent and people are notified to subscriptions they may have forgotten about.

Final is currently open for signups, hoping for a 2015 launch.