Google Launch App Translation Service

Google Play

Google have launched their app translation service for Android developers.

The service lets developers buy third-party professional translations through the Google Play Developer Console.

It was previewed in May at Google I/O, and a few companies have already taken part in a pilot program for the service.

In a blog post, Ellie Powers from the Google Play team says one of these pilot companies, dating site SayHi Chat, expanded into 13 languages and saw a 120% install growth.

Another app, Zombie Ragdoll, used the service to launch in 20 languages, and found that 80% of their installs came from non-English language users.

Powers said: “Every day, more than 1.5 million new Android phones and tablets around the world are turned on for the first time. 

“Each newly activated Android device is an opportunity for you as a developer to gain a new user, but frequently, that user speaks a different language from you.”

Developers can browse through third-party qualified translators, who will offer competitive prices, ranging from $75 for a small app, and $150 for a larger app.

Read the blog post here.

Simon Edmunds

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