Snapchat Introduce New Security Verification Feature


Snapchat have introduced a new feature to give users more assurances of security.

Login Verification is a two-factor authentication, which if enabled requires Snapchat users to go through extra measures when signing in on a new device.

Users will need their password and an SMS code – which is sent to the new device – to log into their account.

To enable the optional feature, users visit the Snapchat settings and click Login Verification.

Snapchat then sends you an SMS with a code to enter.

After this, you can also request a recovery code – which you have to input if you lose your phone or change your mobile number.

Last year, Snapchat fell foul of a serious security breach, which resulted in the details of 4.6m users being exposed by hackers.

This week, CEO Evan Spiegel produced a rather strange grainy video in which he explained how Snapchat works and how people are using it to communicate, seemingly as an explanation to parents who might not understand the app.

Recently Spiegel also sat down with Bloomberg in a very interesting interview, to discuss how he plans to turn Snapchat into a real business.