WeChat Integrates With Taxi-Booking App


Chinese social networking app WeChat has linked up with Easy Taxi to allow in-app bookings.

The partnership will go live in Singapore, before expanding to WeChat’s other markets.

Although a taxi booking service is already available in China, this is the first expansion of the feature outside their home market.

Users can follow Easy Taxi’s account on WeChat, log into their account, and book taxis.

Within a few weeks, the service will be integrated with WeChat’s ecommerce platform – allowing quick electronic payments.

Back in January, WeChat set up a taxi-booking feature in China – utilising fellow Tencent app Didi Dache – and saw over 21m taxis ordered in one month. 

The taxi app now sees around 700,000 bookings a day from WeChat.

Until the end of the month, WeChat and Easy Taxi are offering a discount of $4 for customers who book through the app, and taxi drivers will get $1 more for each booking they receive.

Rocket Internet, the parent company of Easy Taxi, is live over 30 countries, and wants to partner its other brands with WeChat, such as online food delivery service, FoodPanda.

Despite being first and foremost a messaging app, WeChat is quickly expanding to deliver a huge variety of online to offline services.