Cannabis Dating App High There Growing By 2,000 Users A Day


The Denver dating app for connecting weed smokers called High There! is growing by over 2,000 users a day.

The app lets users browse singles based on their location, personal preferences and how much cannabis they smoke.

You can also detail what your energy levels are like when you get high, the activities you enjoy most (like food, gaming, culture), whether you like going out or staying in, and if you prefer to vape or smoke.

And in an interview with Ganjapreneur, the CEO of High There Todd Mitchem said the service has already hit 20,000 users in just two weeks.

He says the app is growing by roughly 2k users every day, and “to put this in perspective, other apps in the space took 6 months to reach this level.”

Mitchem speaks to the cannabis-based news site, saying he previously worked as chief revenue officer for vape company O.Pen Vape, along with co-founding cannabis job site CannaSearch and I Choose Cannabis.

Before this, Mitchem was Senior Vice President of Business Development for management consulting firm Eagle’s Flight.

The app was self-funded with around $300k, and they have a team of 10 working on the app.

Regarding monetisation, Mitchem said they want to eschew the Tinder-style subscription service, saying: “We have built a robust 2.0 money making strategy that will not compromise user private information or ask them to pay. Instead we will be utilizing a proprietary technology to build something unique to the app connectivity space. We believe our users will value this beyond other models.”

The app is currently live in the 23 US states where it is legal to smoke weed for medical purposes, and has just launched in Canada.

The app is available on Android and iOS, and you can read the full Ganjapreneur interview here.