Tinder-Style Networking App Shapr Gets $3m Funding


Shapr, a Tinder-style networking app for business contacts, has launched with $3m in funding.

Users sign in via LinkedIn and select a close Inner Circle of friends – limited to 50 – made up of your most trusted connections.

From here, Shapr recommends you new potential business connections from the extended networks of your Inner Circle.

Shapr comes up with five daily recommendations for you, and you both mutually accept the connection, you can chat.

Shapr co-founder and CEO, Ludovic Huraux, who founded French dating site Attractive World, said:

 “Shapr was inspired by my own experience of business networking as an entrepreneur.

“I’ve learned that the most life-changing encounters happen through mutually trusted contacts. I’m hoping Shapr can accelerate that kind of serendipity for everyone!”

You can also post on the app’s Shapeline, a forum-style area where professionals can ask for advice and resources from their extended networks.

The app, which is based in New York and Paris, recently received $3m in seed funding from investors including the founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar, Frédéric Mazzella.

Download the app on iOS and Android.

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