Cape Town App Catch Applies Tinder to Events


A new dating app from Cape Town has taken the Tinder model and applied it to events.

Catch works just like Tinder, but only lists people who have confirmed to attend certain social events.

Users sign in via Facebook, browse through the events they are going to and swipe through the attendees.

If they mutually choose each other, they are put in touch and can make arrangements to meet up at the event.

Aidan Classe, the app’s founder and CEO, told HumanIPO he hopes the app corrects one of Tinder’s main problems – that those who get matched often don’t meet up.

He said: “We’re filling their gaps. Catch is trying to address the issues and problems people have with Tinder.

“We’re giving a real life context to a connection. I see a movement from online to real events and the real world through mobile.”

Catch is one of seven startups in a Cape Town accelerator program, run by African investment fund 88mph.

Classe told HumanIPO they have seen downloads from Japan, Mexico and Europe.

“For a single person, the ideal scenario is meeting someone in real life who you are attracted to, you share common interests, and its reciprocal,” Classe said.

“But, in reality, that doesn’t happen that much. What Catch wants to do is make the ideal scenario into reality.”

Catch is currently available for Android, and will be launching on iOS soon.

Download the app here.