Mobile Is Also Driving Growth In Adult Video Content


Adult video content is set to continue growing over the next five years, powered by an increase in mobile usage in emerging markets.

In 2015 alone, over 136bn adult videos will be watched online, on both desktop and mobile.

By 2020, this number is expected to grow by 55%, reaching 193bn views, according to new data by Juniper Research.

And as with many other industries, this growth will be pushed by smartphone adoption, with every smartphone user of adult content expected to watch an average of 348 videos this year.

Part of this will be down to the increasing availability of 4G and Wi-Fi in developing regions, as well as an increase in smartphone and tablet ownership.

Regarding revenue, Juniper said: “Opportunities 2015-2020, found revenue growth to be steady rather than spectacular over the next five years, but specific niches such as videochat and web cam offerings will outperform the overall sector.

“The research observed that such services were being monetised on a subscription rather than pay per view basis. It cited that a significant proportion of users preferred to revisit the same hostess as a rationale underpinning this trend.”

The analysis comes from Juniper’s latest research, entitled “Digital Adult Content: Market Trends, Forecasts & Revenue”.

The company also found that adult SMS will continue to see a severe decline in revenue, as augmented reality sees a boost.

Read the full report here.

Simon Edmunds

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