eHarmony Users Can Now Sign In With Touch ID


eHarmony have implemented Apple’s Touch ID into their app, so users can sign in with one touch.

Touch ID was introduced with Apple’s iPhone 5s, and has this week been added to their new range of iPads.

In June, Apple announced that they would be opening their fingerprint scanner to all iOS developers.

Previously it was only used to authenticate a user’s Apple ID for App Store purchases, or to unlock their phone.

And eHarmony are the first dating app to introduce this one-touch sign in, to bypass the need to input a username or password.


The company announced its introduction on their engineering blog, which gives details on how to implement the authentication feature.

Other apps currently using Touch ID include Amazon, Evernote, LastPass and Dropbox.

Earlier in the week, Uber showed the possibilities of using Apple Pay and Touch ID in conjunction – enabling a signup and immediate credit card allocation in one tap.