Google’s New Landing Pages Tool Tells You How URLs Are Performing


Earlier this year, Google announced a new page to let users of AdWords see how their landing pages were performing.

Announced at Google Marketing Next, this tool is now being rolled out over the next few weeks.

The new page will show which URLs in your account are mobile-friendly and which ones drive the most sales.

It will also tell you which landing pages might require attention, for example because they get clicks but aren’t mobile-friendly.

Google’s new page will show metrics including each URL’s mobile-friendly click rate, and the number of total clicks.

Google landing
The mobile-friendly click rate is the percentage of mobile clicks that go to a mobile-friendly page, as defined by Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Google said this metric is designed to give you an idea of which landing pages result in the most or least mobile-friendly experiences.

If there is a URL with a problem that needs addressing, you can also run a test, which opens up Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and reviews any potential issues.

Google landing
Currently, although this new page shows data for Search, Display and Video campaign landing pages, the “Mobile-friendly Click Rate” tool is so far only available for Search landing pages.

This will be expanded in the next few months.

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