WhatsApp Now Lets You Delete Embarrassing Messages


WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that would allow you to delete embarrassing messages you have sent.

The feature lets you delete a specific message you have sent in a group or individual chat.

As WhatsApp explains in its FAQ section, messages you successfully delete will be replaced with “This message was deleted” in your recipients’ chats.

By the same token, if you see “This message was deleted” in a chat, it means that the sender deleted their message for everyone.

However, you can only delete messages for everyone in a chat seven minutes after you sent the message – after this you cannot delete it.

The tool will be available to all users, whether on Android, iOS or Windows, but it seems the feature has not been made available to everyone just yet.

And for the feature to work, everyone in the chat must have the latest version of the messaging service.

WhatsApp also warned that you will not be notified if the feature did not work.

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Simon Edmunds

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