WhatsApp Now Lets You Send Messages When Offline

The biggest messaging platform in the world, WhatsApp, has just added the ability to click send on a message without a connection.

The update to the platform means that when you click send on a message when offline, it will be queued and sent as soon as your device regains a connection.

Prior to this, the send button would be unclickable, and you would have to wait until the phone reestablished a connection to hit send.

Now, multiple messages can be queued, and will be automatically sent when an internet connection returns.

The WhatsApp update, version 2.17.1, has also brought a redesigned storage usage screen so users can manage a phone’s storage space and clear memory-hogging photos and videos from specific chats.

You can access this new section in the Settings tab under Data and Storage Usage.

WhatsApp’s new message feature is a small, but useful update, one that dating apps might take inspiration from.