HowAboutWe Launch Couples App You & Me

You and Me

HowAboutWe have released You & Me, a private messaging and sharing app for couples.

Their first standalone app, You & Me gives couples a place where they can share messages, customisable pictures, music and videos.

You simply input your, and your partner’s, name and email address – and it opens up a scrolling conversation where you can share a host of fun media messages.


HowAboutWe co-founder and co-CEO, Aaron Schildkrout said: “People in relationships say so many important things to each other through their phones. We say simple, practical things, but we also say beautiful things, intimate things — things we want to remember forever.

“We realized that there weren’t any messaging apps that fully support how couples communicate today – through text, music and rich media – so we built one. We created You&Me as the ideal communication resource for people in love.”  

Couples can customise their photos with stickers, fonts and filters, and also send videos and voice messages to one another.

HowAboutWe have also introduced a Snapchat-style Secret feature, allowing couples to send photos hidden with “steam”, which the partner can swipe away, before it fogs up again.


Other photos features include a split selfie, where each partner completes half the picture, called Halfsie, and an on-the-go photo booth option.

Users can also post songs – taken from the Spofity and Rdio libraries – which appear on the shared conversation, and are saved in a playlist.

All these available options appear by clicking the “&” logo, and the shared photos, videos and music are stored and viewable by swiping the main screen to the right.


HowAboutWe also plan to introduce a Scrapbook function, which are monthly “animated photo albums” generated from the couple’s conversation.

You & Me has a beautiful design and interface, and its simple functionality is easy to grasp after a few minutes using the app.

With so many social and messaging apps, for many different purposes, it certainly makes sense to incorporate them into a single app for couples, and including features like the Spotify song-sharing is impressive.

One feels that if HowAboutWe can get the users, engagement will remain high – perhaps with some features falling by the wayside, and new ones added – and it should act as a good companion, and a gateway, to their couples service.

Check out the app here.