Who Had the Best Online Dating April Fools’ Prank?


April Fools’ Day, also known as “Don’t Trust Anything You Read Online Day,” has come to an end. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best online dating-related pranks from 2015. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.


Zoosk helps 33m people to find love in over 25 languages, but yesterday, the dating company added a Shakespearian language feature to the site:

“Members can say “aye,” “nev’r” or “mayhaps” to matches, see who hath gazed upon them, get set up by fate, send missives and amorous tokens to the people they’re wooing, increase their profile visibility by raising their status and add new likenesses to their profiles.”

Tinder for Uber

Another fun dating-related product prank was an imagined collaboration between Tinder and Uber.

tinder for uber

The first, Tinder for Uber, allows users to make a Tinder match with an Uber driver, who will split the fare with you.

If you’d rather use Tinder the old-fashioned way, Uber for Tinder gives you the option to automatically request an Uber ride to meet your new match.

Uber for tinder


Hootsuite combined its social media management abilities with online dating to create HootMeet. Users can search across a variety of different dating sites at once, swipe right on social media platforms to connect with singles, and make matches for friends. introduced Match Beyond, a new dating service dedicated to finding a mate for all souls — whether living, dead, or somewhere in between. “Match Beyond is here to help you light the spark with someone in the afterlife that we hope will become your eternal flame,” said Casper McFadden, President of Post-Life Courtship.



Israeli dating app Hashsnap also got in on the action, launching their new feature Low Chattery, which matches uses up who only have 1% battery.

The feature is designed to cut out the endless back and forth, and unclear signals, online daters have become tired of.

lowchatteryToday, Hashsnap contacted us saying they got lots of feedback from users, as their Twitter and Facebook went crazy with people interested in the new feature.


The social network for book lovers, Goodreads, released Kindlr — a new dating app that creates matches based on book choices. The app allows users to swipe right or left after viewing a potential match’s bookshelves and favourite books.


STA Travel

STA Travel continued their tradition of doing an April Fools’ prank, pretending to release a new dating app called STAnder.

The press release, which featured quotes from customer relations director Una Niteonly, said users would receive discounted priority spaces on “single-only” flights, buses and trips, as well as treatment at a variety of STA Travel Clinics.



As we reported yesterday, dating app Hinge launched Playdating: Hinge for Toddlers. Users between the ages of 2 and 5 can log in and arrange playdates through their mutual friends, and even find out what fellow preschoolers want to be when they grow up.

So which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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