WordPress Now Gives You Page Insights


For those of you who use WordPress for your dating blogs, or any other business or personal sites – they have just released a new tool to view your audience stats.

Called WordPress Insights, the new service gives you instant access to your all-time numbers, including posts, views, and visitors.


Insights also tells users what time of day, or days of the week, they have most visitors.

This visualisation of user posting trends now appears in a simple interface at the top of the Dashboard page, showing you how many posts you publish and when.


And WordPress have also moved the comments, followers, tags & categories, and publicize pages to the new Insights page.

Jonathan Sadowski from WordPress said: “Everything else is right where it was before, you’re still able to view the other modules by day, week, month, or year – just select the period you’d like to view at the top of the stats page.

“We love that you’re passionate about your stats, and that you share that passion with us. These new features wouldn’t exist without your valuable feedback!”

Check out the new update here.