Google Launch App To Help Young People Hangout

whos down

Google has just launched a new app to help young people arrange their next social hangout.

The search engine giant announced the launch of its latest venture Who’s Down last week, in its latest effort to compete with other popular messaging apps.

People can use the app to broadcast their willingness to meet up with their contacts, simply by sliding a toggle to flag their availability to their friends.

The toggle says “Slide to let your friends know you’re down to meet up”, and you can choose how long you are available for.

After you’ve done this, you can then enter the name of an activity you want to do, such as “get lunch” or “go for coffee”.

These activities can be selected from a list of popular ideas, or can be manually inputted by users.

Who’s Down will then wait for people to signal their interest in the same activity.

Once a few users show mutual interest in an activity, the app will notify them automatically, adding them into a chat room where they can plan the hangout.

In-app conversations will then disappear after 24 hours of the last activity.

The app is currently available through invite-only, and has been made available exclusively for college students – a move that suggests the app has been created with a younger audience in mind.

The app is available to download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Danielle White

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