eHarmony UK Hire Metro Coms Manager


eHarmony have hired Metro’s communications manager Jemima Wade to head up their UK PR team.

Wade worked for two years at Metro, managing their social, digital and print channels, which included their London Olympics PR strategy, and the launch of their branded gaming site Metro Play.

As UK PR manager of eHarmony, her focus will be on driving consumer brand awareness, human interest campaigns and generating new partnerships.

Wade graduated from UCL, and has previously worked for PhotoBox and Red PR in Melbourne.

Romain Bertrand, eHarmony UK’s Managing Director – who contributed to our GDI 2013/14 Industry Report, available on our homepage – told PRWeek:

“With more than eight years’ experience and strong credentials in building brand profiles and delivering unique campaigns, Jemima is the perfect candidate to lead our PR strategy as we continue to gain momentum in the UK market.”

This year, eHarmony launched their first mobile-only feature, Datebook, which helps users organise and plan dates in app.

This move towards offering more offline services also included eHarmony UK’s release of their Great Date Guide, a collection of date venues across the UK recommended by eHarmony couples.