Dating Photographer & Life Coach Team Up For ‘Irresistible Dating’ Workshop


Saturday Night’s Alright is a dating photography service that caters to singles looking to create the perfect photo for their online dating profile.

The company’s new workshop series, Irresistible Dating, incorporates professional photography and in-depth personality evaluation to helps singles to create the perfect online dating profile.

Founder Saskia Nelson has teamed up with life coach and author Rebecca Perkins to host a variety of small workshops, with the goal of producing the best possible profile for each of the six participants.

Throughout the session, Perkins will guide and motivate participants to place their best selves online, and Nelson will take a variety of high quality photos.

Each workshop covers the most important parts of an online profile – the username/persona, headline, profile summary, likes/dislikes, what each person is looking for and the perfect image.

Nelson says: “We are going to teach you, step-by-step, how to intrigue and delight people with your profile rather than put them off with a ‘cut & paste’ profile that you’ve been using since 2004. Our magic formula, besides the fantastic dating photos, will be to help you identify and draw out the important things like your values and key characteristics and then help you to use your profile to ‘show, not tell’ people your story.”

As a former online dater herself, Nelson became frustrated with the fact that many users on dating sites did not resemble their profile photo:

“It’s not that I’m shallow about looks – far from it – but it’s about being honest to people from the outset. Lying about age, height or looks is not a great way to start a meaningful relationship.”

Nelson started Saturday Night’s Alright with the intention of creating photos that help her clients to both look and feel great about themselves.

With research showing that over 90% of online dating decisions are made based on photos, Saturday Night’s Alright offers singles the opportunity to expand their dating horizons and see themselves in a whole new light.

For more information, check out the Irresistible Dating page on the Saturday Night’s Alright site.