Tinder Giving Singles Chance To Spend Week On Private Yacht


Tinder is giving its users the chance to win an exclusive week on a private yacht in Croatia, as part of its latest brand partnership.

The dating app has added branded profiles to the app, which say “Tinder is seeking the #UltimateCrew”, and asking singles to swipe right if “7 days on a yacht is your thing.”

Underneath the profile pics is a short bio that says: “How does this sound… a private yacht, sailing around beautiful Croatia, hitting up the hottest beaches and parties, all for free. Tinder & COOLS are seeking the Ultimate Crew for The Yacht Week 2015. Want to join? Swipe Right to enter + more information.”

Once you swipe right, you match with the profile and are messaged a link to a site, where you can enter your information to win a coveted space.


The promotion is in association with The Yacht Week, and online fashion marketplace Cools.

The Yacht Week organises holidays for groups of friends looking to spend a week on a private yacht with a captain and crew.

The company runs trips to Croatia, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Thailand.

To enter the Tinder competition, singles must add their email address, then post a photo to social media using the hashtag #TinderYachtWeek.

Those who win will get their flights paid for them, along with one week on a private yacht in Croatia, and with a “COOLS shopping spree & style consultation.”

Tinder said that one winner will be announced every week, and there are already lots of photos being posted to social media by Tinder users.