New Social App Uses Radar To Notify People When Friends Are Nearby

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A new social discovery app is looking to help millennials spend more time with their friends in person, by alerting them when someone they know is nearby.

Recently-launched Sup was founded by ex-Google and GetTaxi marketer Rich Pleeth, Forever Beta founder Robin Gadsby and Managing Partner of Forever-Beta, Al Fayolle.

It requires users to link the app with their Facebook profiles, and without sharing any login details, connects to their Facebook friends list.

The app then works by allowing users to see their friends on a radar interface, as opposed to listing their exact location for other users to see.

This feature separates Sup from other similar social platforms like Find my Friends, Google’s Latitude and Connect, which all require users to share their exact location.

To further improve user security, all location details are randomised internally, and the app’s chat function is encrypted to prevent third parties from reading any messages sent on the app.

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The app’s founder, Rich Pleeth said: “When people come together, magic happens and with Sup, you can use an app whilst not being tracked.

“If you’re bored at lunch, after work or in a new city, you don’t want to broadcast your exact location to the world, but you’re happy to share that you’re in a particular radius with friends that are also in that radius.

“Instead of messaging friends, asking them if they’re around for a drink, you can see on the radar who is nearby and actually meet people more.”

In September, the app landed $1.1m in seed funding from JamJar Investments, a fund set up by the founders of Innocent Drinks.

The funding was used to launch the app and help establish its core team in London’s Silicon Roundabout and New York.

Sup is available to download for iOS devices here.

Danielle White

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