As Apple Roll Out Carrier Billing, Read Our Special Report On Payments


In the past few weeks, exciting reports have surfaced saying that Apple is testing a carrier billing payment option for its App Store.

If the initial tests in Germany go well, Apple would join all the other major app stores like Google and Amazon in offering carrier billing as a way to pay for digital content.

The move shows the significance and growing influence of carrier billing, because of the millions of people who cannot pay for online content as they don’t have a credit card, in both emerging markets and some of the biggest European countries.

For example, in Germany, there are approximately 81m people and 97m mobile phones, but only 35.6% of the population own a credit card.

In our latest special report, in collaboration with payment company DIMOCO, GDI looks at the topic of carrier billing, looking at its emergence over the past few years, predictions for the future, and how dating companies can use it to their advantage to further their businesses.

We also speak to the dating industry, getting the thoughts of CEOs and executives from top companies like LOVOO, Oasis and Dating Factory, who give us insights into their own payment methods.

To read the 24 page report, please input your email address below, and download your free copy.

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