Fortu Is HowAboutWe-Style On Demand Dating App


Chicago app Fortu is another new dating service looking to cut out fruitless swiping and messaging, by getting singles out on a date.

Fortu says the three pillars of successful dating are: physical attraction, a good date both parties are interested in, and a convenient time and place.

This forms the basis of the app, which launched in January in Chicago.

On Fortu, singles simply choose a date, or event, they want to go to – giving a specific date and time.

On the other end, users scroll through these dates – which are organised by category, date, and distance from user – and choose the ones they are interested in.

The person who posted the date sees a list of everyone interested in going, their profiles and videos, and can start a chat with them.

They then choose one of these partners for the date.

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The founder of Fortu, Jason White, said: “No one has the time for the never-ending back and forth messaging or the constant delays associated with online dating. Making real life connections is easier said than done because of the high drop-off rate that exists on most online dating platforms.

“Fortu changes that dynamic with conversations initiated around a date or activity with a specific place and time to meet offline. So, it’s not a matter of where or when, but the fun of deciding with whom.”

Fortu is one of a few recent dating apps (such as Whim, Clover and Courtem) that take inspiration from HowAboutWe’s offline philosophy, but reimagining it for the Tinder generation, some of whom have become disenchanted by endless swiping and messaging that doesn’t lead to a date.

Fortu is live in Chicago, and is available on iOS.

Find out more here.