Dating Site For Faithful Singles Looks To Expand Its Global Presence


The online dating industry is becoming ever more plagued by the stigma of “hookup culture”, as many dating companies struggle to establish themselves as a platform for serious, faithful daters.

And in light of recent infidelity scandals that shook the dating industry, it’s apparent why singles are finding it increasingly difficult to put their faith in companies who promise to find them a faithful partner.

However, one company is committed to becoming a globally trusted site where single men and women who have experienced mistrust can visit to find a faithful partner.

FidelityDating has been created exclusively for people who have suffered at the hands of an act of infidelity or betrayal, and for “serious online daters” seeking faithful relationships.

The site was founded by Julie Surrey and Gary Spivak, inspired by Surrey’s own experience of infidelity and the betrayal felt by a number of their male and female acquaintances who had also been cheated on.

The site currently has less than 5000 users, and is hoping to expand its presence in the US, the UK and Canada over the next year.

In addition to helping singles find trusting partners, the pair also created the site to help people who have been cheated on in the past to regain dating confidence.

fidThe site, whose slogan is “Love is precious. Stay faithful” requires each user to make a promise of loyalty upon joining.

Users then enter their criteria (sex, age, proximity, height, education, or other data), and the software will find those that match based on what they are looking for.

When we asked the co-founder if the site was started in direct opposition to Ashley Madison, he said: “No, the original concept of FidelityDating was a dating site people for who were cheated on to connect with other infidelity survivors, not specifically for Ashley Madison.

“After the concept was born and we started doing research we couldn’t believe how many cheating sites there were and how big Ashley Madison was and how often they are in the media.”

And although most popular dating sites do not explicitly “encourage singles to become increasingly unfaithful”, Spivak believes that the online dating as a whole makes cheating much easier.

To help the site with its expansion goals, the company will be redesigning its landing page, creating a forum and coming out with a mobile app.

Check out the site here.