Are 42% of Tinder Users In A Relationship?


Despite being the number one name in mobile dating, 42% of Tinder users are in a relationship.

At least that’s according to new figures from Global Web Index, who surveyed over 47,000 internet users about their browsing habits.

Asking people between the age of 16 and 64, the research company found that 30% of Tinder users said they were married, and 12% were in a relationship.

In addition to this, they found that men outnumber women on the app by 60:40, and the age group that are the most active are 25-34, who make up 45% of Tinder’s user base.


The analysis was produced using Global Web Index’s latest wave of worldwide research, which also asked consumers about their online dating habits, whether they pay for dating services, and their brand-engagement.

The research company found that Tinder was being used by 1% of global internet users on a monthly basis.

As a total category, location-based dating apps were used by 6% of internet users.

However when we look at internet users who visited an online dating site in the last month, the figure is a considerable 31%.

And according to Global Web Index, 8% of internet users visited dating site Badoo in the last month.


With the recent launch of Tinder Plus, the issue of paying for premium services was also a topic of discussion.

Interestingly, their data found that Tinder could potentially have an advantage with their new paid service, as a quarter of their user base already pays for online dating.

However, this does not necessarily mean they are willing to spend a considerable extra monthly sum for Tinder’s “superpower” features.


And as with most online dating consumers, Tinder users aren’t exclusive – over 70% visited other sites in the past month.

But GWI’s research found that only 1 in 8 consumers who visited a dating site actually paid for it.

And with a third of these dating site visitors using ad-blocker software, those employing an ad-based model could suffer.

Tinder recently introduced their very first in-app ads – a video advert for a Bud Light party campaign, and GWI’s research says that this strategy could prove fruitful, considering its user base.

Two thirds of Tinder’s users think of themselves as brand-engaged, half say they tend to buy brands they see advertised, and a significant 77% are telling their friends about new products.

With all of the questions asked below, Tinder’s users were above average.


Tinder co-founder and President Sean Rad was recently interview at TechCrunch Disrupt, answering questions about their premium service and new product plans.

Read the 10 things we learned from the interview here.

Check out the full GWI research here.

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