Ingenious Apple Watch Hack Lets Your Heart Swipe Right


Is this ingenious piece of tech a glimpse into the future of online dating?

A creative technology agency has dreamed up a novel way of replacing a dating app’s swiping function on the Apple Watch, to make it hands free.

T3 have used the new Apple Watch SDK to create a system that connects a user’s heart rate to the app’s swiping mechanism.

If the wearer’s heart beat increases, then the program swipes right, and if it doesn’t, the app rejects the match.

Speaking about so-called “Hands-Free Tinder”, the creative agency said: “By simply looking at the photos on the watch, our application measures the change in a user’s heart rate then swipes left if the rate goes down or right if the rate goes up. We’ve removed the need for a user to take action, instead allowing data to make the decision for them. After all, the heart doesn’t lie!”

Check out the video below: