Watch Our New Video Interview With London Startup Rendeevoo


Last week, we posted our new video interview with the founder of exciting on-demand dating startup rendeevoo.

George Christoforakis talked about the philosophy behind rendeevoo, an app he created with co-founder Jorn Vanysacker, to try and revolutionise a decade of online dating solutions.

Rendeevoo works on an on-demand basis, with singles ordering a date for that night just like requesting an Uber, and built into this model is an innovative monetisation strategy that doesn’t rely on advertising, subscriptions or in-app payments.

As Christoforakis says: “Rendeevoo stands on a completely other side of the river when it comes to how we bring people together, because we focus exactly on the how, rather than on the who. The who should be based on the first impression, and the first impression only.”

Check out the video below, and also read our feature on rendeevoo from earlier in the year here.

Watch the video below:

Simon Edmunds

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