5 Things Dating Site Developers Need To Do To Ensure Success in 2016


This is a guest article by Vitaly Nechaev, Senior Vice President of Engineering at DataArt UK.

We are fortunate to be working in one of the most lucrative and rapidly-growing industries in the world. The popularity of dating apps has been unprecedented, and in coming years the room at the top is set to shrink as more and more enterprises seek to move into the market.

So, what can new entrants or incumbents do to secure their slice of the pie in a burgeoning marketplace?

1. Ensure security is rock solid

2015 saw a number of high profile security breaches, such as TalkTalk and most notably in the dating industry, Ashley Madison. Following these, 2016 will see a considerable focus on personal data protection and security. The hacking scandals that plagued so many businesses last year have left consumers fearful of placing trust in the idea that their personal data is safe. This is an issue that needs to be, and will be, addressed in 2016.

Dating sites will put an emphasis on reinforcing their data security in order to re-attract the consumers that they have lost during the fear of the security breach epidemic.

2. Make it mobile friendly

2015 saw a significant increase in the number of searches made using handsets rather than fixed desktops. Consumers are increasingly using dating apps whilst on the go, so expect that a key theme for success in 2016 will be making ease of use a priority for dating sites.

The dating industry will increasingly become mobile focused, even more than it is now, with a growing number of dating platforms appearing to be configured solely for mobile use. So make sure yours is not left behind in the dark ages.

3. Match users quickly

The average consumer attention span is shrinking. With so many other apps available beyond the dating industry, there are a countless number of distractions rivalling the traditional dating sites for consumers’ attention. Dating apps in 2016 will therefore focus on speed, making sure they are able to quickly match users with a suitable partner.

In the last few years, Tinder has been the dating app to profit from recognising early that the speed of matching with another user was a unique selling point that set them apart. In 2016, expect to finally see other developers catching on to their secret.

4. Accurately tailor matches

Higher processing speed will now allow for better matching and more sophisticated self-learning algorithms to be used, to make sure users can spot “the one” in the crowd. Quick and accurate matching is key for users, as the demographic that makes up the majority of the dating site market consists of young professionals who are not only strapped for time, but are often also seeking like-minded professionals to date. They do not have the time to scroll through countless profiles before they find someone suitable.

Apps such as LINKD will lead the industry in 2016 as it successfully combines two of the most important factors for users.

5. Expand the service

Shared economy has become a growing theme in recent years, as industries recognise the benefit of combining their respective talents and skills to maximise their attractiveness to the consumer. The entertainment industry (e.g. restaurants, cinemas etc.) is likely to be better integrated into the online dating experience, making it easier to arrange the date as soon as you’ve matched another user. Why use two sites to do something when you can do it on one?

And so there we have it. It’ll be interesting to see who’s in the lead this time next year.

By Vitaly Nechaev

Nechaev is a Senior Vice President of Engineering at DataArt UK. DataArt is a technology consulting firm that offers end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation and support. They partner with clients to create and support innovative solutions that help businesses become a lasting success in the marketplace.

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