This Is What Apple’s App Analytics Tool Looks Like



Last week, news surfaced that Apple was testing its new App Analytics developer tool.

Invitations were sent out to select developers to preview and test the service before a full launch.

Apple said the tool will tell developers how often customers visit their App Store page, how many users open their app, along with giving info about sales of their app and In-App Purchases.

And now we’ve got our first glimpse at the analytics tool.

Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover recently posted a few screenshots on the site, showing how Apple’s new service looks and works.

Here are the screenshots below, with emojis blocking Hoover’s statistics:




Regarding his impression of the service, Hoover said:

“I’m impressed with the amount of data they provide, especially the usage and retention data. Being able to track conversion and retention by source (e.g. vs. a tech publication’s announcement) is very helpful and may change the way people approach PR for mobile app launches.”

A few commenters with access to the beta also posted their thoughts, including Simon Bromberg, an iOS engineer at who said: “After getting access, my initial impression is pretty positive. Looks nice, pretty smooth, lots of metrics.”

Another tester, the BillGuard founder Raphael Ouzan said:

“This beta release from Apple is very encouraging. The transparency that we got used on the web completely disappeared on mobile and we had to use many (expensive) tools like Adjust,, etc. to get only approximate attribution and store listing conversion metrics.

“Besides the vanilla analytics (conversion, retention, etc.) we finally get:

1. Traffic breakdown to the App Store.

2. Conversion of the listing per channel.

3. Campaign tracking: generating referral links with tracking of conversion and usage.”

It is unclear when the general launch of the product will be, but Apple has a WWDC conference in June, so we will likely hear more then.