Texan Dating Site Trials ‘Token’ Tariff


A Houston-based dating site has come up with an innovative payment model.

Launched last October, Neumate.com lets users access premium features by working on a “token” system.

Their Facebook page explains: “The Token is a flexible payment option that can simply be thought of as a 1-day subscription. 

“When you are ready to go premium, just “drop in” a Token and you’ll be instantly granted 24 hours of premium access. 

“The Token is so flexible, in fact, that it can be gifted between members – with or without a message.”  


Originating in Houston, Texas, Neumate is a dating site which only operates in local communities and helps businesses by organising get-togethers in the area.

It was founded by Michael Fradkin and Shmuel Gordon, and after success in the Houston area they plan to expand to other areas.

Other communities are now open for membership, and the site is planning its next launch in Dallas – the home of Match.com.

They say that removing the divide between users who pay for their account and those who don’t stops the frustration of not knowing if someone can read and respond to messages if they have a premium account and you don’t. 


With the token concept, combined with their group community meet-up idea (“GTGs”, or “get-togethers”), they want to make the online dating experience more personable than some view it to be. 

Given that some sites will match you with an individual who could live cities or even states away, Neumate.com wants to bring a community feel to the potentially daunting global dating world. 

Visit the site here.