New Interactive Email Startup Helps Brands Track User Engagement


The online dating industry is continuously expanding, as new entrants innovate and force established players to adapt to survive.

A major part of this innovation takes shape in the form of marketing, with platforms relying on creative marketing campaigns to position themselves as a unique brand amidst the competition.

Recently, the industry has produced a number of TV advertising campaigns and has seen countless social media campaigns used in an attempt to encourage new customers.

But with many dating companies less inclined to consider email marketing strategies (due to its association with poor user engagement rates), the channel often goes unused.

However, new email service RebelMail could potentially change this stigma, and help both new and existing dating companies to further their use of email marketing campaigns.

Founded by Joe Teplow and Trever Faden, RebelMail creates interactive emails that users can interact with, and helps brands to construct and send engaging emails to their customers.


Brands are able to customise campaigns simply by dropping in logos, selecting the interactive features and choosing from various email templates, dependent on the purpose of their campaign.

By adding features like photo galleries and drop down lists to emails, users can add products directly to their cart without having to be redirected to a website – a feature that could prove useful for dating sites who use subscription-based models.

The company has found that interactive emails are more than twice as much likely to be engaged with by recipients than limited and static emails – interactive email clients received 57% opens, compared to 15% for static emails.

And to help its customers “understand what [its] users are doing in realtime”, RebelMail tracks every interaction a user has with each emails.

The platform can be integrated with all major ESP’s, and no HTML or CSS is required for its build mode, making it easy to use for businesses with no coding experience.

RebelMail is currently in beta and last year, the company raised $2m in seed funding led by Vaizra Ventures and Boldstart Ventures.

Other funding participators included Lerer Ventures, David Tisch’s Box Group, Gary Vaynerchuk’s Vayner RSE, and angel investors.

Find out more about RebelMail here.