Twitter Trials “Out Of Order” Timelines On Users


Twitter users have noticed a change to their reverse-chronological timelines, as the social media platform experiments with a new “out of order” timeline.

The change was discovered by a number of Twitter users, after realising their tweets were appearing in a random order on their home feeds.

Twitter confirmed this change to the media on Tuesday, with a spokesperson calling it an “experiment”.

They added: “We’re continuing to explore ways to surface the best content for people using Twitter.”

It is likely that this change is being made in an attempt to target new users, after its CEO hinted at the platform’s decrease in growth.

Speaking about the recent change, Twitter co-founder CEO Jack Dorsey said: “You will see us continue to question our reverse chronological timeline, and all the work it takes to build one by finding and following accounts.

“We continue to show a questioning of our fundamentals in order to make the product easier and more accessible to more people.”

After the change was confirmed by Twitter, many existing users tweeted saying they disliked their current randomised timelines, and requested the Twitter go back to its normal reverse-chronological feed.

Below, we have collected some of the most interesting responses to the change.