10 Stories Not To Miss On GDI This Week

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  1. These Are The 20 Most Popular GIFs on Tinder – Following news that Tinder said using GIFs on the dating app increases your chance of getting a reply from your matches by 30%.
  2. Online Daters Find You More Attractive If Previous Profile Was Appealing – Fascinating study said online daters’ decisions on profiles are affected by the ones that come before them in a swiping sequence.
  3. eHarmony’s Job Site Elevated Careers Will Launch Next Month – Long-delayed service will launch in April, with a press demonstration at the end of this month.
  4. Tinder Adds Four Experienced Executives From YouTube & Yahoo To Team – Impressive new executive hires show Tinder strengthening its management team.
  5. White Label Dating Has Highest Grossing Day On Record Thanks To US Growth – The number of new paying subscribers increased by 21.7% across the US.
  6. Uber Growth Expert Looks At The State of Growth Hacking – Andrew Chen blog post gives advice on how to carry out effective growth hacking.
  7. Tinder Builds In-App ‘Swipe the Vote’ Game To Help Singles Find Perfect Presidential Match – New feature lets singles enter into an in-app poll about the biggest topics and issues in the presidential race.
  8. Racially Colourblind White Men Are Less Likely To Date Black Women – Study says that despite saying they are colourblind, many white college-aged men are actually less likely to be attracted to black women.
  9. These Are Google, Amazon & Facebook’s Secrets To Hiring The Best People – Article runs down some of the clever tricks the tech giants use in an interview process to test their candidates.
  10. Speakers For GDI Amsterdam Conference Announced Next Week – GDI is very excited to start announcing the fantastic speaker lineup for the joint event in Amsterdam.

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