10,000 New Inner Circle Members in Philadelphia Since February Launch

The Inner Circle has recently been made available to users in Philadelphia.

The platform, which has 800,000 members in 30 cities and 800,000 members on its waiting list, is currently doing a test in Philadelphia.

CEO and co-founder David Vermeulen said he will vary the price for this launch: “Some people don’t have to pay anything and other people we charge a little bit.”

Since launching in the city in February, the app has acquired roughly 10,000 members.

“I was surprised,” Vermeulen says. “We also see that people like to invite each other and that’s a positive thing.”

He has one piece of advice for The Inner Circle’s users: “Once you connect with someone you’re interested in, get off the app right away and meet in person for a cocktail. You’ll know within a few minutes of being with them offline if it’s a match.”

GDI recently spoke to Nichi Hodgson, Communications and PR Manager at The Inner Circle and a journalist, broadcaster, and author, to get her take on the gender pay gap in tech.

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