With 100,000 Active Users, Gay Dating App BRO Releases Version 2.0

Gay dating app BRO has announced it now has an impressive 100,000 users since launching in January.

The news comes as the social and dating app rolls out version 2.0 of the app on iOS, which features a revamp of the app’s navigation features.

The company wants to be different from the majority of gay dating services in the market, by focusing less on hook-ups and more on meaningful relationships.

Scott Kutler, the founder of BRO explained the concept behind the app: “BRO was created to enable men to make lasting connections with each other; be it friendship, dates, or even a relationship.

“I believe there’s a spectrum to sexuality, and we wanted to go beyond sexuality labels such as “bi” or “gay” and simply be an app for men seeking men.

“When people go on apps such as Grindr and say they’re looking for platonic friendships or dates – it’s even sometimes taken as a joke.

“Even Grindr, following in Scruff’s footsteps, released an update this week that now allows users to state their desired sex position.

“My goal is for BRO to be an outlet for those people looking to move past the hookup culture that exists in society – and specifically in supposed “dating” apps.”

BRO App 5-daily-bros3x

The app offers a few different ways for its 100,000 users to connect with other members.

The first is with its Local Bros tab, which shows users nearby singles they can filter, message, send photos to or “fistbump” to say hello.

In terms of filtering, Kutler said users can filter by: “Distance (up to 100mi/160km), age range, body type, ethnicity, and bro type.

“We understand some people may be skeptical and wonder why something outwardly superficial such as “body type” would matter on an app for making friends – but we found that men often wanted to meet other men that were in similar shape as them.

“If someone works out at the gym five times a week and is “jacked” they often wanted a gym buddy that was equally in shape with similar interests.”

For those looking for more serious connections, the Daily Bro section offers up 25 potential matches every day.

Users can either swipe yes, no, or choose the “Bromance” option to show they are very interested, which means they will be prioritised and appear first in the other user’s set of 25 matches.


One of the most original features of BRO is the “BRO Types” – a set of nine categories men can identify with on the app to give others a better idea of their personality.

The options consist of: Preppy Bro, Suited Bro, Lumber Bro, Hipster Bro, Fabulous Bro, Brogrammer, G.I. Bro, Jock Bro, and the Casual Bro.

Kutler said: “The BRO types were created as a fun and comical way to help users easily describe themselves to other Bros.

“Many LGBT apps put people into ‘tribes’ or ‘groups’ based on their body types – but we thought personality groupings would be more fitting for a friendship/dating app.”

Finally, BRO also offers Premium BRO memberships for iOS users, which brings extra features such as the ability to see up to 240 men in their vicinity, no in-app ads, a travel mode to see worldwide users and added filter options.

This premium service, and the new 2.0 version, is expected to be rolled out for Android in October.

So far, the app has proven to be most popular in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada, which makes up around 90% of BRO’s user base, but Kutler has plans to localise the app in other languages and branch out to non-English speaking markets.

The bootstrapped startup is also hoping to raise some funding and hire more full-time employees to help Kutler with his plans to boost BRO’s user base.

To find out more about BRO and to download the app please click here, and read GDI’s interview with the app’s founder Scott Kutler here.