Apple iOS 8 Will Scan Credit Cards for Fast Payments


Apple’s iOS 8 will scan and input credit card details so users can make faster payments online.

9to5Mac discovered the new feature after WWDC 2014, where Apple unveiled iOS 8.

When a user is paying for something on Safari while using their iPhone or iPad, an option will come up to “Scan a Credit Card”.

If clicked, it will bring up a camera screen with a border, which you align with the credit card – much like a QR code.

The camera will then capture the card image, and use optical character recognition to input the numbers into the text field instantly, which you can check and save.



Apple already has a Password and Autofill setting, which stores credit card details once inputted, but this new feature will bypass the need to type in any details.

Although the credit card scanning option will appear when you are paying for something, users can also input their details by going into Settings and taking a photo of their card, for later use.

Apple have also introduced a feature called Handoff, which will let users complete a transaction they have started on their mobile device on their desktop, or vice versa.

This means easier transactions for shoppers if they have credit card information stored on their iPhone or iPad, or want to research further on desktop.

At their developer conference, Apple also announced they are opening up their TouchID fingerprint scanner to all app developers – so users can bypass login information when opening up an app.

Simon Edmunds

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