DashingMashup Launches Live Chat Translation

Dating Mashup

DatingMashup.com, the site that matches people based on accent, has launched a live chat translation feature to let users cross language barriers.

A user can select from over 50 languages and the messages in the live chat are translated to both parties.

Founder and CEO of eGlobal Mashup, who own DatingMashup.com, Dale P. Ballard, said: “I feel that communication shouldn’t be a barrier to finding someone you could possibly spend the rest of your life with. 

“This feature lifts that barrier and bridges the communication gap so people can communicate more freely based on the language that they prefer.”


Users can also view any web page on the site in the language they choose, and both this and the translation feature are available to free members.

DatingMashup.com was founded in 2011 by Ballard, and helps users find people with accents the like in their area.

Visit the site here.