New Web Tool Grades Site’s Security Level And Suggests Fixes


A new Web tool which scans your site for security flaws and suggests fixes is now available online. is a new website that evaluates how protected a site is against security breaches.

In order to get receive a security report, the site requires you to enter the domain name of the site in question.

After a few moments, the site will create a report which details the strengths and faults the site’s security, accompanied by actionable solutions to fixing any problems it discovered during its analysis.

Each site will also be awarded a rating for their overall security, ranging from and ‘A+’ to an ‘F’, with the latter being the lowest grade possible.

So far, a total of 10,058 sites have been scanned, with 3,228 receiving a grade ‘F’ for their security levels.

Among those awarded the lowest rating were technology giants Apple and

The number of sites that have been given the highest rating, ‘A+’ currently stands at 1,465, including and itself.

Social media giant Facebook received a promising ‘A’ grade.

The tool is particularly useful for website owners who do not know much about security headers and how to enforce them.

Check out the tool here.