Paktor Announce New Programme To Guarantee Users Offline Dates


As online dating becomes more popular and less stigmatised, many industry players have shown an increased focus on generating physical dates for their users.

And today, Singapore-based dating app Paktor has announced its unique programme which guarantees its users an offline date, if they follow a number of set guidelines.

Users who have paid for a three month subscription can now opt-in to the Paktor Guarantee Programme (PGP), designed to give them confidence that Paktor is dedicated to helping them find physical dates.

To guarantee an offline date, users must complete specific tasks on the app, which include swiping right on at least 50 profiles every day, replying to every message they receive, and making first contact with matches within the first 12 hours of matching.

However, if an offline date is not created by the PGP, Paktor will give the unsuccessful user an additional three-month subscription for free. 


Speaking about the app’s new programme, Paktor co-founder and CEO said Joseph Phua said: “Paktor has the opportunity to change the way people use mobile social platforms.

“The Paktor Guarantee Programme shows our confidence in our service and network, as we know that our users can find someone through our app and go on a real date by just following a few simple steps.

“This has never been done before anywhere in world, so we’re pioneering a more responsible and accountable approach for mobile and online dating.

Phua has also said that he is optimistic the new programme will change the way the app helps people connect with each other. 

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He added: “We understand that the idea of meeting and starting a relationship with someone can sometimes be nervewracking, and we noticed that many of our users don’t go all the way in utilising the mechanics of the app and unlocking its true value. 

“Relationship building, be it for platonic or romantic reasons, is not about taking haphazard shot in the dark but a set of intentional actions that will show how genuine you are. 

“This is where the PGP comes in to fill the gap in getting what you want out of Paktor, which is to meet genuine new friend.”

Paktor now has 6m registered users and creates up to 14m matches a month.

Visit Paktor’s official site here.

Danielle White

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