Google Say Mobile Searches Have Overtaken Desktop


For the first time, mobile searches on Google have overtaken desktop searches.

The tipping point was announced recently by Google at their digital advertising conference.

The tech giant said that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”.

Google have been saying for the past year mobile searches were likely to overtake desktop in 2015.

However they did not say exactly when this happened, or who the other eight countries were.

According to the Associated Press, Google sees 100bn search queries every month.

Google announced the milestone at the AdWords Performance Summit last week.

Speaking at the event, the VP of Product Management at Google, Jerry Dischler, said:

”The purchase funnel is officially dead. What we’re seeing are these short bursts of activity that we’re calling micro-moments. We see the new challenge for marketers is to be there at those moments anytime, anywhere.”

Dischler also announced a few new AdWords experiences, that include:

  • Automobile Ads: a search ad format that takes you directly from Google to a carousel of car images.
  • Hotel Ads: These show prices from a variety of sources, and when the consumer wants to buy, they click “Book” to complete their reservation on the partners’ sites.
  • Mortgages: Google will soon launch a mortgages section on Google Compare, which lets consumers find the latest mortgage rates from multiple providers, and review their criteria.

Last month, Google changed their algorithm so sites that are mobile-friendly would rank higher in search results.

Find out more about Google’s AdWord changes here.

Simon Edmunds

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