Grindr Mobilise 250,000 Users With In-App Messaging On LGBT Issues


Grindr have once again mobilised their user base to engage in important LGBT issues and worldwide campaigns.

Launched in 2009, Grindr for Equality raises awareness amongst the app’s users about LGBT issues, encouraging them to take action against inequality.

This is done through in-app messages, which call on users to engage in ways such as signing petitions or donating money.

In 2014, Grindr for Equality took part in 19 initiatives, seeing over 250,000 users taking action on these messages.

The founder and CEO of Grindr, Joel Simkhai, said:

“Gay men abroad dealt with a lot of anti-gay legislation and violence in 2014, and we wanted to make it known that their plight is our fight too.

“A lot of our initiatives last year focused on helping LGBT individuals escape from homophobic perils that exist within their countries, including places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Afghanistan. We wanted to let them know that they’re not alone, and give them the information and support they need to get out if they wanted.”

One such example was the “Get Out Safely” campaign by the Organization for Refuge, Asylum & Migration (ORAM) International, which focuses on helping refugees escaping oppression due to sexual orientation.

Donations to the cause saw a huge spike when Grindr publicised the campaign to their users.

Other initiatives included calling Indiana representatives regarding the marriage equality legislation appeal, protesting Uganda’s President and his homophobic initiatives, and increasing awareness for World AIDS Day.

Last year, Grindr joined a number of gay dating services by committing to help public health leaders in the fight against AIDS/HIV, by promoting testing and reducing stigma around infection.

Simkhai said: “Grindr for Equality is continuing our efforts to get the information out there and our users never cease to amaze me. They donate, they sign petitions, they get tested and support the community — in short, they make a difference. With their help, we will continue to make progress on important gay issues and bring change all over the globe.”

Grindr For Equality is current looking for on-the-ground activists to send regular updates on gay rights in their area, and submissions from like-minded groups.

Contact Grindr for Equality here, and visit their site here.