Online Dating Is Grounds for Divorce, French Court Rules


Using an online dating site while still married is grounds for divorce, a French court has ruled.

A court in Aix-en-Provence ruled in favour of husband Bruno, 43, after it was revealed his wife, Natalie, 43, had been messaging other men on an online dating site.

The couple split in 2008 after 18 years together, and had three children.

French paper Le Figaro reports that the court was told how wife Natalie had exchanged intimate photos with other men on Belgian singles site Netlog.

Natalie’s defence stated that she had done so because of depression, however the judge dismissed this.

He said the wife was solely responsible for their separation, and ruled in favour of husband Bruno, despite the fact that there had been no physical infidelity between Natalie and the men she messaged.

After the hearing, specialist family lawyer Helene Poivey-Leclercq told Le Figaro: “Everyone agreed there had been no physical infidelity, but the judge considered that the act of seeking an extra-marital relationship was offensive behaviour towards the husband. 

“French law states that spouses owe each other mutual respect, fidelity and help. It was in this notion of respect that the wife had failed.”

Simon Edmunds

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